Uniqueness, Luxury, Art
Made in Italy

Discover Illusion

The 'Illusion' tub.
Elegance has a new form.

'Illusion' is the exclusive chaise longue in which abandon yourself to the warm pleasure of the hydromassage, designed to be inserted in every situation (private wellness areas, hotel, wellness spa, sailing, yacht).
The comfortable and enveloping, 'Illusion' combines the latest technology with top quality materials. Natural wood and mother of pearl tiles: style and comfort come together perfectly.

Sensory experience

Sensory experience

Higher quality materials for an incomparable tactile experience.
Unique details

Unique details

Every detail is designed to make 'Illusion' unique.
Technological wellness

Technological wellness

Chromotherapy, led, hydromassage, music speakers.

Uniqueness beyond the prestige. Art beyond the beauty.

Technical details.
Your custom made tub with the finest materials.

Dimensions: 2080 x 880 x H 610 mm. Sizes and shapes are fully customizable.
Inner lining: natural mother of pearl black mosaic.
External coating: cedar blond wood, tempered glass.
Optional comforts: Airpool or Whirlpool hydromassage or both; LED color therapy; bathroom fittings; stereo music speakers; headrest.
Accessories: coordinated and exclusive, to be included in the process of customization.

Available customizations:

Various wood essences


Marble and stones


Other materials on request

Are you interested in the 'Illusion' tub? Request information to create your personalized 'Illusion'.